Software Libraries and Software Frameworks

This page provides a listing of various software libraries and software frameworks, both commercial and free. The principle behind software re-use is to spend less time re-inventing and to instead rely on proven, commercially supported, or publicly scrutinized code. This has the potential to reduce a software solution's implementation time and cost of maintenance in that instead of developing your own "bricks and mortar," you have more time to use prefabricated building blocks to build a real structure.  You should hope to gain in productivity and, due to the popularity of some libraries and frameworks, relative ease of learning due to widely available documentation, tutorials, and discussion.

No express or implied warranties are made regarding the fitness for use of any library and framework listed below, for any purpose, nor is this website a solicitation to use them. They are merely listed here as a convenience to you so that you might consider them and draw your own conclusions. It's your sole responsibility to evaluate all aspects of their fitness for use (including but not limited to technical and legal aspects) and to refer to each library and framework's specific license, usage rules, and applicable warranties to determine yourself if the libraries and frameworks are suitable for your purposes.

Happy integrating!


    Numerical Analysis


    Cross-Platform Programming

    Financial Analysis

    Numerical Analysis

C# (C-Sharp)




    Numerical Analysis






Visual Basic (VB)

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